Are you registered with the British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association to teach Yoga?

Yes! My Fitness Leader ID number is 171632.

Are you able to hold a private yoga class for my company’s employees?

Yes! I can host customized Zoom Yoga class for a small group or for up to 30 participants, depending on your needs. The class can be focused on breathing, stress reduction, fitness, flexibility, or all of these fundamental aspects of yoga.

I would like a private yoga session, can you provide that for me online?

Yes! Online yoga classes can be for one student or for a group. I can guide you through an introductory yoga class, or we can help you fine-tune some yoga shapes you may already be familiar with.

How long are your online classes?

Typically a class is one hour long, but we can customize anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

What are your prices for online yoga classes and what is your availability?

Please send me a message through the contact form for this information.

Do you need to be able to see me on my yoga mat during class?

It is not necessary if you would rather keep your practice private, but it helps me teach the class if I can see all of the participants.

Will other participants be able to see me?

Only if you have your camera turned on. However, most participants are too engaged in their own practice to notice what anyone else is doing on the screen, and most people use “speaker view” rather than “gallery view” so that they can better see their instructor.

How should I set up my mat and webcam?

The best way for me to see you is if your camera is aimed toward the side of your mat, and if your camera is far enough back from your mat that I can see from your feet to the top of your head. I understand not everyone has enough space for that ideal set up; so however best you can angle your camera towards your mat will do just fine.

How do I pay you?

If payment is owed, for now an email transfer is the preferred method. In time and as availability increases, an online scheduling software with live streaming will be introduced. This will enable class scheduling ease and will permit online payment, package deals, monthly programs, seasonal classes, multi-session focused series, and drop-in options.